What Makes Qantas, Qantas?

After reading the foundational work of Qantas and how it all began I realised that it was more than just a money making machine. Qantas its to provide the best service on the market. They strive to provide purposeful and meaningful customer care which they achieve by putting their air hostesses through rigorous training activities. Handling disgruntled customers is a large portion of the companies marketing. But they strive to provide a perfect experience for each and every customer including corporate businesses.

Now that they have built their own platform they now even advertise small businesses. They use their platform to give back to the community by doing so, they allow small business to be seen from all over the world. Qantas also provides the best customer care possible by handling each and every complaint that they get fairly to keep customer satisfaction high.

They even take small things into consideration such as the food that they serve. They use highly recommended brands and also cater as much as possible to every customer. There is a reason that they are the number one airline in Australia. They have thought of all the small details that make a huge difference and this reflects in the success of the company.

Whilst writing my assignment I developed a feeling of loyalty for the company. They put so much care and personality into even the most formal of reports. In their annual reports they talk about future goals as well as enhancing their already successful company by tweaking minute details that will keep them on top.

Jet Setting

Saying the word Qantas makes me reminisce of holidays, rather than thinking about their annual report. Although, I can happily say that the next time I hop on a Qantas plane, or any airline, for that matter I will also be thinking more about what makes this company’s world spin.  After reading the report I realised for starters, how many people are involved behind the scenes. When I am off away and jet setting I only see the pilots and the air hostess, but this company is its own ecosystem.

I have simply stepped off of the small minded train and started questioning things more and now more than ever. I no longer look at something and only see the object, I imagine the thought and planning behind it. I see businesses and think even the smallest ones have a range of roles. So where is accounting within that, as I spoke about in my assignment accounting is one of the roles the essentially keeps the company’s “world spinning” without it the company becomes stagnant.

More specifically, lets address Qantas, an Australian based company. They have dreams and goals and aspirations. Qantas even goes as far as recommending coffee shops to visit whilst in an area. They are not only within the boarders of Australia they have “spread their wings” and they are also an international company. Qantas aspires to be the best airline that there can possibly and they have not forgotten where they began from. They have a simplistic and inviting approach to their customers. They have marketed themselves to cater to Australian and to appeal to them.

I have been privileged to be assigned the airline for assessment one and I would love to learn more about this company and more specifically how they use their accountants to ensure the best and most successful business on the market.

Be right back,

Jacqueline Smith

It’s Week Two Already?How!?

How on earth is it already week two?! I feel like I am still getting back into the swing of things, but not as fast as I had wanted. I am slowly learning how to interactively learn with my units and more specifically this one because I have the opportunity to engage more than other courses.

What I have already started learning is that business is holistic. The reality of business is dependent upon each and every role that has input within a company. Every role is vital and plays a part in the success of a firm. So where does accounting fit into this? Imagining I am working as an accountant for a large company, I would present the data on a regular basis or as much as needed. In doing that they have the most up to date data, which enables them to make educated decisions of the direction and approach that they want to take to reach a set goal. after learning the basis of the ideology of what accounting does within a firm it changes my entire outlook of the role.

I thought that accounting was a boring job before I started this course. Now its honestly something that I would consider looking into for my career. Seeing the correlations between numbers work in conjunction with the other roles of a firm makes me understand the importance of the role. Effective accounting, I would assume, can potentially contribute to making or breaking a firm, therefore if done correctly can help to build a successful firm.

Overall, after reading Martins material, I was able to put the importance of accounting into perspective. It fits within a company no matter how big or small because everyone, in order to succeed, needs some hard evidence that portrays their strengths and weaknesses too how where they can improve. Martins book puts everything into reality for me and shows the reality of  more specifically a business.

Happy Tuesday,

Jacqueline Smith

And I Though It Would Be Easy…

I thought that the best way to start is to give you some insight on who I am and what I have experienced in my past learning endeavours. I am 19 years old and currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Business through CQU. I study via distance correspondence however, I do live in Rockhampton ( I needed the flexibility). I have been a full time athlete for the past three years since graduating high school. My education has consisted of many different and unusual forms, I have been to school in the USA, completed high school in Rockhampton and started university after a gap year in 2016 in Australia. I have since changed career paths after staring a different degree and hopefully I have made the right decision this time.  So thats enough about me…

What was my first impression of Accounting, Learning and Online Communication when I opened the Moodle page? I FREAKED OUT! I am not one for following the general 1,2,3… kind of steps. I tend to read things and if intrigues me, then I go into it first. That has got to be the MOST unadvisable way to go about a course and I have since redirected my habits to a more “normal” approach of following the instructions, and let me tell you, IT ACTUALLY WORKS! After the few tears I shed out of my frustration because I didn’t know what was going on, I decided that this wasn’t going to work so I turned my laptop off and closed it for five minutes, put some crazy tunes on and zoned out, I thought that was a logical approach. Then I turned my laptop off, and restarted the whole course. I thought to myself “I get it now!”. So I pat myself on the back and thought I now know how to follow rules, probably not the greatest way to start a course but I’ll get there.

So I sit here now a few days of comprehension  later, safe to say I am working hard on all of my courses and I seem to be understanding the concepts a lot better. After all of the trail and error I finally understand that being naive and thinking that my original way would have worked was the craziest rationale that I have ever had.

And I thought that it was going to be easy… WRONG! You have to work to make the dream work!


Over and out,

Jacqueline Smith